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I Function introduction of the home page

◆  Leagues: Select the Leagues which you want to follow (Hot Leagues show in red font)

◆  Score & Odds 2 in 1: Page combining live score and odds updates for bookmakers: Bet365, Sbobet, Vcbet, 10 BET, 188bet, Ladbrokes, Willhill

◆  Order by league/Time: Sort by Leagues/Time

◆  Popular: Show only the popular matches

◆  Opened: Show only the on-market matches

◆  Running: Show only the available for live betting matches

◆  By Odds: Handicap and Over/Under selection, filter and search by corresponding odds

◆  Team –ranking: Enable or disable to show the team-ranking beside each team name

◆  Prompt window: Enable or disable to show the prompt window with sound alert when goal

◆  Card change hint: Enable or disable to show the prompt window with sound alert when red card happens

◆  Yellow Card: Enable or disable to show the yellow card symbol beside the team which got it.

◆  Live Odds Popup: Enable or disable to show the Sbobet Live Odds popup window of Asian Handicap, 1X2 ,Over/Under

◆  Odds sound: Enable or disable the sound alert when the odds are under changing

◆  HT to show stats: Enable or disable the popup window of (same encounter) historical match statistics

◆  Corner kicks: Enable or disable the popup window with Bet365 first odds, live odds and the details of corner kicks in this match.

◆  Text Field: Hide or show the special match notes, 3rd party live streaming links or other textual information

◆   From here is Live Odds(1x2, Handicap and Over/Under), Live 1x2 Odds from bookmarkers, Match Analyze(Statistics)


The trend of Sbobet First and Live Odds popup menu ( Colour: red for increases/ green for decreases; yellow for recent changes )

◆   Move to top to favorite matches, Cancel the Tops,  Reset all the favorite matches you have chosen.

◆The main navigation bar of Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Snooker and News have drop down list for the user to choose each sport information which you want to browse fastly. 


II Pure Livescore Instruction

Odds will be collapsed to show the livescore only

◆ Other functions are the same with the home page

◆ Score&Odds: Shift the Pure Livescore page to home page.


III Odds Comparison Instruction

◆  Select Company: Select odds from different companies/bookmakers/bookies

◆  Select Leagues: Select leagues to display as your requirement

◆  Hidden 0 [ Show All]: The numbers of matches are hidden; reset to default by clicking [ Show All]

◆  Sound: Enable sound alert when odds are under changing

◆  Handicap History Odds & 1x2 History Odds: Historical odds for Asian Handicap and 1x2 market

◆  “”: Logo for company that available for “In-Play/Live Betting”

◆  “(N)”= Abbreviation of Neutrality

◆  “” Entry for odds page with 1x2 Odds, Asian Handicap and Over/Under

◆  “” Entry for 1x2 Odds with all companies/Betting Exchange in the market

◆  “”: entry for Matches Analysis/Statistics

◆       : Odds rate increases         : Odds rate decreases         : Odds rate under changing     + : Gives handicap     - : Receives handicap

IV Other Instructions of Soccer Page

Pages of soccer include: 1X2 Odds、Odds Comparison、Over/Under 、In-play Odds

  1. Odds Comparison: Mainly includes Odds for 1x2 and Asian Handicap markets

● It won’t show any data of in-play games

● Shows a mixed comparison of Handicap and 1x2 Odds as default

● Only allow to select a maximum of 10 companies

● “Company Select”: Can select one or both of 1x2 Odds and Handicap to compare

● “Handicap Changes”,”1x2 Changes”: Can check odds change in recent 10 minutes


  1. Over/Under: includes Over/Under

● Shows Over/Under data, including the data of not start yet and in-playing matches;

● “Recent Changes” Can show odds changes in recent 10 minutes


  1. In-play Odds: includes the data of live odds changes

● Shows Odds data of in-play game only

● “Recent Changes” shows odds changes in recent 10 minute


V 1 x 2 Odds Instruction

◆  This page default to show the Average Odds of current matches in “Today”, including Average Odds of “First Odds” and “Live Odds”(Average odds are calculated out on the base of the current archives data from all bookmakers)

◆  The chart can be sorted by 2 ways(as following) and display Kelly Criterion (Generated by the system according to specific formula) :

1)       Live Odds of Home Win/Draw/Away Win;

2)       The Home Win%/ Draw%/Away Win%;

◆  Move mouse to Live Odds of Home Win/Draw/Away Win will popup the latest odds movement chart

◆ Can select by All /Hot Bookmakers/ Betting Exchange/ Not Betting Exchange

◆ Advanced Filter allows to check the specific odds/rates as you want

◆ Hide and Select specific matches as you want

◆ Select Customized allows setting your own customized solution with specific companies, can change your own solution setting whenever you want.

: View the historical 1x2 odds for this company

◆ At the bottom of page: Our system generate the numbers of The highest first odds, The highest odds, The lowest first odds, The lowest odds, The average first odds and Average odds

VI 6 in 1 Odds pages instructions

◆  6in1 Odds page: display the every time odds movement from the Early, Live and the Running of 14 companies.

◆  “Closed” : Company closed the market


3in1 Running pages of single match (also known as In-running, live betting)


 Early : Odds updated before 12:00 P.M of match date

 Live: Odds updated from 12:00 P.M of match day till the time of kickoff

 Running: Odds that updated constantly on match as it happens.

As far as our website concerned, for instance: 
[English Premier League] Tottenham Hotspur Vs Crystal Palace kicked off in Jan-11 23:00 P.M

Odds updated before 12:00 P.M of 11 Jan are Early odds
Odds updated from 12:00 P.M till 23:00 P.M in 11 Jan are Live odds
Odds updated from 23:00 P.M till the end of the match are Running odds

*All times above are from GMT+8


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